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Japanese garden in Kirkcaldy

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What is Japanese style?

After centuries of isolation, the harmonious asymmetry of Japanese gardens came as a shock to Western travellers in the 19th century, who were used to more formal and geometrical layout.

The balance of hard elements, such as rocks, stepping stones and gravel with tightly clipped shrubs and trees, created a contrast that still appeals.

Meticulous positioning of the main elements to disguise restricted spaces, or to provide links to the landscape beyond, is crucial to the success of many of these sculptural and highly controlled gardens.

Press Release: Brothers’ growth industry

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A KIRKCALDY-BASED garden maintenance firm established just four years ago aims to continue to grow after completing a landscaping project for NHS Fife at Victoria Hospital. Brothers Arthur and Simon Krolczyk started their business, Arthur & Simon Ltd, in 2008 with just £200, but through hard work, dedication and a determination to provide a quality service, they now employ a team of 14 people.

And they hope their landscaping of a 1300 sq m area at the front of the newly-extended hospital in Kirkcaldy will further raise their profile.

Well-designed Garden... achievable in Fife?

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Would you like to have your garden designed professionally?

A well-designed garden is something more than the appropriate organisation of the space surrounding us. It is, above all, an expression of our likings, character and features that define us and those we identify with. The designer’s task is to extract those aspirations in order to create a unique and relevant space for all types of usage. A good design of a garden is composed of many factors, such as, the efficient organisation of space, functionality and appropriate use of materials and planting design to give uniqueness and sense of place.

Arthur & Simon and PSYBT visited Rotary Club of Kirkcaldy

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The Fife Free Press, December 23, 2010

After two weeks break due to the seasonal weather, president Ruth Smyth welcomed fellow Rotarians and the speaker, Fiona Turnbull, Fife Regional Manager of The Prince’s Scottish Youth Business Trust and Arthur and Simon Krolczyk, to the breakfast meeting held in Balwearie Golf Club. (...) Fiona Turnbull gave an insight into the role of PSYBT and how it helps young people get into business by providing business loans and grants, help and support and a market test grants. One major achievement is that 82 per cent of brand new businesses continue to trade after three years.

Plants for the season – SPRING

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Everyone wants to have an attractive and colourful garden all year round. By selecting the right plants you can create a garden that will be blooming during every month of the year. Below we give examples of shrubs flowering during the following three months.

DIY - Make your own nest box

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Making your own nest box will not only attract birds to your garden but is also fun to do. It is a great way to recycle some scrap wood you got at home.  There are two basic types of nest boxes for garden birds:  with holes at the front (preferred by Blue Tits and Great Tits) and with an open front (preferred by Robins and Wrens).

"Fife Business Matters" - Garden firm growing strong

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A new business start-up, based in Fife, is celebrating a period of outstanding growth during its first year trading. In fact, Arthur and Simon Garden Maintenance has grown so dramatically in spite of the recession that the business has just taken on its first full-time member of staff.
Run by brothers Arthur and Simon Krolczyk, the business, which offers quality, customer-focused gardening services, has been going strong since April 2008. With Simon, who previously worked for a local landscaping company and as a self-employed gardener, doing most of the initial work, the brothers are pleased to have been able to recruit.

How to lay a new lawn?

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The best times to lay turf are between March-May and September-November. In winter the frozen ground can seriously slow down or even stop the process of establishing new turf, whereas in high summer hot temperatures can make it difficult to keep new turf moist, which is very important at the early stages. So if you are thinking about a new attractive lawn, now is the best time. Having turf laid in early spring will also allow you to enjoy your lawn even before the Summer season.

A Frenchman and a Brazilian woman have been named as Fife's top young entrepreneurs. And keeping to the international feel, two Polish brothers were named as runners-up in the 2010 Prince's Scottish Youth Business Trust (PSYBT) young entrepreneur of the year awards held in Aberdour on Thursday.

Chelsea Flower Show 2010

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Top trends in gardening design.

The most modern among the garden designs at the Chelsea Flower Show 2010 is an environmentally friendly and nature-inspired one, but the water in it takes on an ultra-modern form. The summary of the Chelsea Flower Show – one of the most prestigious events in the field of landscape architecture.

How To Attract Wildlife To Your Garden

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 1. Plants. If you want to attract wildlife to your garden, use native species which are more suited to your local climate. Use ornamental plants that provide a food source over a long period. Plants with berries, fruits and seeds will attract birds and those with nectar and pollen will also attract butterflies, bees and other types of insects.


What do plants eat? - soil examination

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The correct soil gives you the best chance of achieving a successful, flourishing garden.

We are Fife's Young Entrepreneurs of The Year!!!

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Dear Customers,

We are extremely happy to inform you that this year our company received the Prince's Scottish Youth Business Trust (PSYBT) young entrepreneur of the year (runner up) award.
There is no doubt that we owe this award to you. It was your hospitality and trust that enabled us to realise our plans and do what we do best.